Which of the Merrell Twins is older? Here are seven Merrell Twin facts that you probably never knew!

Last Modified: Mar 20, 2019

Let's get started with the basics, shall we! Who are the Merrell Twins and what do they do? Like monozygotic twins that they are, with their identical appearances and the same date of birth comes, their similar names. 

The Twins are named Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell and were born on August 6, 1996. They both are now YouTubers with 4.1 million subscribers and counting!

Which one is the older?

Born to parents Wendy Merrell, who is a school secretary and Paul Merrell, a video producer, its hard to know who is the older one. Well, Veronica is the older one among the two- just 45 minutes.

Similarities and Differences?

What other similarities do they have? They have the same middle name, Jo!

Monozygotic twins are bound to look identical until you look at them very closely. Some slight differences that easily goes unnoticed set them all apart!

Source: Pinterest (Veronica Merrell and Vanessa Merrell)

And in case of the Merrell Twins, Vanessa has dimples on both her cheeks while Veronica has one on the left cheek. Veronica also happens to be lactose intolerant.

Where are they from?

The twins were born in Kansas City, Missouri, United States and were also raised there. At the age of 16, that is in 2012, the twins moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as actresses.

When did they start their YouTube channel?

The Twins started their YouTube channel in 2009 and their first video was called What It's Like to Be a Twin. But they had discontinued their video uploads for the next two years and totally forgotten about it.

Two years after they looked at it, it had amassed 10,000 views and their channel had 2,000 subscribers! Now their father helps them out by producing and editing their YouTube videos. 

Source: Twitter (The Merrell Twins performs at the YouTube Fan Fest in May 2018)

Together in College?

Yes both the twins are studying at the same college but with different major. Veronica has selected screenwriting as her major and Vanessa has chosen to study TV production.

But their schedules got so busy that both decided to take or break from classes in the fall. The sisters have not said they are back in studies yet!

Have they landed roles in TV and movies?

Since their move to Los Angeles, the twins have had a handful of roles in TV and Films. Veronica played Victoria and Vanessa played Valeria in the total of five episodes in Jane the Virgin from the years 2014 to 2016. Both have landed minor roles in Faking It (2015), The Standoff (2016), Hyperlinked (2017).

Source: Manhattan Digest (The Merrell Twins wins award)

Their achievements so far?

Speaking of achievements and awards, the twins have been nominated for two Teen Choice Awards, Choice Female Web Star, Shorty Awards and Choice YouTuber

They have been able to win the YouNower of the Year title at the 2016 Streamy Award and Best YouNower Award at the 2016 Shorty Awards. They are also the winners of 2018's Streamy Award for lifestyle.

Short Bio

Veronica Merrell with her twin sister had landed different roles in different commercials for the company Build-A-Bear in 2008... Click for Full Bio

Vanessa Merrell began her career in entertainment at a fairly young age. From ages 8 to 12, she acted in numerous children's videos... Click for Full Bio

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