Johnny Depp’s lawyers want a new trial, says the last trial was not fair

Last Modified: Dec 31, 2020

Johnny Depp’s lawyers have argued that he did not get a fair trial to an appeals court following a loss in his libel case against a British newspaper for calling him a “wife-beater”.

Depp’s attorney David Sherborne has asked the judge to “set aside the judgment and order a new trial.” Last month the actor’s lawsuit against was lost after London High Court Judge Andrew Nicol ruled that headline was “substantially true” and he had regularly roughed up his then-wife Amber Heard, 34.

According to The Guardian, Sherborne wrote, “[Nicol] concluded that the appellant was guilty of serious physical assaults without taking account of or even acknowledging that Ms. Heard had been untruthful in her evidence, without testing her account against the documentary evidence and the evidence of other witnesses, and without making any findings that he disbelieved those witnesses.”

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp (Image: BBC) 

During the trial, Pirates of Caribbean star testified that he was too much of a Southern gentleman to hit a woman, adding that it was actually Heard who was responsible for the violence in their marriage. 

The pictures of feces left by Heard and her pal on Depp’s bed as a prank following the couple’s fight were also shown in court as evidence. He also portrayed Heard as a gold digger who had fabricated the abuse allegations.

Heard, who was The Sun’s star witness, alleged that her ex-husband was a  “hopeless addict” and would get wasted enough that he couldn’t control his bladder or his temper. She also alleged that he became a “monster” during his drug and booze-fueled binges and had nearly killed her.

The Aquaman star also said that a “three-day ordeal of assaults” in 2015 resulted in Depp losing his fingertip and used his severed digit to scrawl “I love you” in blood on a mirror.

The former married couple’s battle is far from over as Johnny Depp sued Heard for $50 million in Virginia over a Washington Post where she claimed and shared her experience as a victim of domestic violence. While Amber Heard filed a $100 million countersuit.

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