Robert De Niro’s NYC home burglarized- intruder searched for Christmas gifts

Last Modified: Dec 20, 2022

A burglar was arrested after getting caught going through Robert De Niro’s Upper East Side townhouse early Monday.

The culprit, who has now been identified as 30-year-old Shanice Aviles broke into De Niro’s NYC home at around 2:30 a.m. According to law enforcement sources, the known burglar was grabbing Christmas gifts from underneath the actor’s tree and playing with his iPad.

Robert De Niro (Image: Getty Images)

At the time of the burglary, the 79-year-old actor has upstairs with his daughter and both were unaware of the ongoing crime.

“She was stealing Christmas presents,” a police official confirmed adding that there was no contact between the intruder and Robert De Niro or his family.

NYPD’s 19th Precinct public safety team had spotted her criminal activity as she had tried to open doors to commercial buildings before she made her way inside De Niro’s home. The cops busted Aviles at the scene and were charged with burglary. She has had a total of 26 prior arrests which are mostly burglaries- including 16 arrests this year.

According to police reports, Aviles began her criminal life during the coronavirus pandemic. Most recently, she had been arrested for seven burglaries between Nov. 25 and Dec. 8 on the Upper East Side. The perpetrator was just released without bail just last Wednesday in connection to two Queens burglaries.

Shanice Aviles has had 16 arrests this year (Image: NY Post)

Robert De Niro later attended the townhouse most of the next day. When a reporter asked if he was alright, the actor replied, “Yep, I’m good. Thank you.”

“You can read about it in the paper,” the actor replied when questioned about the crime. His representatives declined to comment on Monday’s burglary.

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