Shots fired near Taylor Swift's Tribeca pad amid attempted robbery

Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

Shots were reportedly fired outside Taylor Swift's New York townhouse in New York's Tribeca neighborhood during an attempted armed robbery at a nearby shop. Police said there was no was injured in the incident – making it the shooting on the block in a month.

The robbery took place in a sneaker store, which is located right next to Swift’s home, at 151 Franklin Street just after 5 p.m. ET Sunday. According to police reports, four shots were fired and no one was hit.

Taylor Swift (Image: Hollywood)

"Suddenly we heard four shots and I was freaked out," a waiter at the Tamarind Tribeca restaurant told the New York Post, “They look scared and jumped into a car."

Another local resident revealed that this was in fact the second shooting on the block in a month. “It’s really concerning to see two gun-related crimes happen at the same place within a month,” the resident said. “It’s a family neighborhood, and I choose safety over access to fancy sneakers every time.” 

Police said that three suspects fled the scene, with two wearing blue jeans and white shirts while the third suspect wore blue jeans and a blue shirt. The outlet did not report if Taylor Swift was at the home at the time.

Swift bought the townhouse for $18 million in 2017. She also owns three more apartments nearby.

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