‘The Walking Dead’ actress Vanessa Cloke arrested for assault

Last Modified: 9th Sep

The Walking Dead actress Vanessa Cloke has been arrested after assaulting a woman while her ex-boyfriend was moving out of her California home. 

She is best known for her role as Anna in seasons 6 and 7 of the AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead.

Vanessa Cloke as Anna (right) (Image: Netflix)

TMZ released footage of the 43-year-old actress shouting and sobbing as her ex-boyfriend boyfriend came to her home to pack up his belongings. According to the source, Cloke's ex had called the cops for backup in order to "keep the peace." 

In the video Cloke is heard saying “… I’ve been taking care of your animals for 1 month… Nobody knows who you are! This isn't you!" 

As the video continued Cloke is seen running down the stairs to the woman recording the video of the private matter calling her a “Fuc**** c*** before striking her.

Vanessa Cloke (Image: TMZ)

According to TMZ, Cloke is a mother of 1 and was married to Laythan Cloke, who was booked for misdemeanor assault and battery.

Vanessa Cloke seemed to be calm as she was placed into handcuffs while sarcastically saying to the woman recording, “record this please.” She then said, “40 years old, and I finally get arrested” as the police moved her to the police car.

Vanessa Cloke (Image: TMZ)

Viewers on TMZ’s video section felt for the actress, who is obviously going through a rough time,

One commented, “Who would stand there and film another person's misery and call her a drama queen, and seem to enjoy it?”

While another viewer commented, “Man the people who recorded this are trash. They wanted their few seconds of fame while a woman and her man are going thru it. Leave them alone.”

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